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Annual Credit Score

I feel that this website is useful because it helps you check your credit score very easily and it's useful

3 habits that demonstrate to the lender that you would be a good credit risk

  • Lenders can look at your bankrupcies in your account that proves that you have a bad credit score and i learned that if you have a bad credit score then you can't buy anything until your credit score is good again
  • also ending contracts before you are suppose to can hurt your credit
  • public records can also hurt your credit people aren't going to want to sell you anything because they don't trust that you will actually be able to pay them back

why is a credit score important?

credit scores are a history of payments for things such as loans and what you have to pay the banker it's important for the home buying experience
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what's a good credit score and a bad credit score

a good credit score-is 700 or higher
a bad credit score - is 400 or lower
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how can i improve my credit?

the biggest way to improve your credit score is to pay your bills on time

how to maintain your credit score

  • keep balances low on credit cards
  • pay off debts
  • don't close unused credit cards