Website Hosting Blogs Need To Know

Website Hosting For Blogs- All You Need To Know

Web hosting for blogs

Starting up a blog online is not difficult nowadays. With easy CMS and hosting services, users can very easily set up their blogs in a single day. If you are also getting confused with the choice of hosting service you should choose for your blogging site, this article would help you get a somewhat clear picture of the whole web hosting scenario.

If you are just starting out you would probably want a service that offers good customer support and features in affordable rates for a start-up or small business owner. Let us take a look at some of the options we have:

 Free Hosting- There are many service providers lie Wix and Weebly that offer free websites and online stores along with zero hosting charges. People who think it would help them build a website with minimum costs don’t usually know that users hardly get any flexibility in these options. You don’t have the complete control of your website or blog and flexibility soon becomes a serious issue.

 Dedicated Hosting- It is fast and expensive. In dedicated hosting you reserve a single server to host an individual website.

 Shared Hosting- This means sharing your website on a server where several other websites are hosted. Users get limited database access, an easy to manage back end, and customer support in these options. This is one of the inexpensive options however one has to deal with issues like compromised security and often have slow loading sites. Common examples are: Blue host, Host Gator, Dream host, and Host Monster.

 VPS Hosting- Virtual Private Hosting or VPS Hosting is best for people who want speed and security. This is more like a smart connection between shared and dedicated hosting where you get a personal mini-server space within a giant server. This eliminates most of the disadvantages that come with shared hosting like virus attacks and traffic slowdowns. Although the costs are a little higher than shared hosting, they are not over the top expensive.

There are many digital marketing and web development companies that offer web hosting in Auckland at competitive rates. Such services are probably the best option for small businesses and start up entrepreneurs including bloggers with basic or minimal knowledge of website development, designing and website hosting in Auckland. You can easily search for a reliable company online through business listing websites and/or via inbuilt links from websites of your competitors or influences in your industry.