Adversity and Steve Jobs


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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs; A failure. A college dropout, a fired executive, an unsuccessful business man. That’s nothing you hear in a classic conversation about Steve Jobs. On the other hand, failure is what brought Steve Jobs in the position he was. Steve Jobs was the poster child of failure to success. Wild success.

A College Dropout

Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College in Oregon six months into his freshman year since he thought the payload was too much for his parents that adopted him. Steve Jobs didn’t think that he was a failure. He didn’t let that stop him from trying to make it on top. A study shows that college dropouts are 71% more likely to be unemployed than graduates. On average, college dropouts earn 32% less than a college graduate. That's thousands of dollars less. On the other hand, he is not alone. Similar to Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, Steve Jobs never graduated from college.

A Fired Executive

When you get fired from your own life, you won’t think positive. Like the few others who have been in Jobs position, he looked down. He had founded Apple in his own garage, yet the company kicked him out the door. Unlike the others, Steve Jobs called it the best thing that happened to it in his life. Others would give up, go into depression with this kind of failure, but Steve Jobs made the best he could out of it. A survey explained by CNN in 2005 shows how only 13% of people who had been fired were brought back by the same company. He is part of the thirteen percent that found a way back up despite previous difficulty. 87 percent are laid off forever. He went on to bring greatness to Pixar, and Apple welcomed him back.

Steve Jobs had brought the world together through his ideas and inventions, he produced the most successful company in the world. He was one of the best business men alive.

New to Late

People who change the millennium don’t come by every day. No one will come close to how much Steve Jobs revolutionized the world, at least not in the next hundred years. From February 24, 1955 to his death, Steve Jobs was ahead of his time.

High School: Steve Jobs developed his interest and technology and built and sold his first invention when he was in high school. First, he met Steve Wozniak and made an invention named “Blue Boxes”. He later co founded Apple with him.

1974-1976: Jobs had later found himself in the hippie lifestyle and around drugs around this time period. In 1976, he created and sold the first Mac called the Apple I for $666. In the next year, him and Wozniak made $774,000 off the Apple I and soon started working on the Apple II.

1980’s to Rehired: Steve Jobs spent most of the early 1980’s developing the first Macintosh (Mac), the first commercially successful small computer. After long term arguments and lack of successful management as Apple was spiraling down, Apple finally decided to part ways with Steve Jobs in 1985. Steve Jobs later came back to Apple when the company bought his second venture, “NeXT” for hundreds of millions of dollars. He was later CEO again.

2004 to Death: In 2004, Steve Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He still continued to produce products that every household owns, but it all ended in August of 2011 when he resigned as Apple’s CEO. He felt what was ahead of him and later died October 5, 2011.

The world will live on to remember Steve Jobs and Apple will expand on his own ideas.

What do I do?

Through the multiple small and large problems Steve Jobs has had to face, he needed solutions to be where he is. When he fixed one problem, another problem would surface. Jobs had a huge workload on his shoulders as the CEO of the largest company in the world, creating stress, and naturally creating more problems. The largest problems he was faced with was to support himself and try and compete with the leading, large, successful competitors.

Steve Jobs solved his problem of not being able to support himself without his parents by making his own venture. He decided to make Apple with Steve Wozniak, someone who Jobs convinced to quit Hewlett-Packard (HP). The made $774,000 in their first year of business. More than enough for Steve Jobs to support himself without the help of his family.

While business related, trying to compete against the leading, successful competitors is actually a great difficulty and problem. The problem is, that the leading companies take away from Apple’s profits. Often resulting in bankruptcy. For example, in the phone industry, Apple was emerging as the leading brand taking over Blackberry. In a matter of time, Blackberry couldn’t compete and were forced to stand on the brink of bankruptcy. Steve Jobs had seen what consumers wanted and put that into his products. He solved the problem of not being able to put a tiny computer into your pocket by making the iPhone. He saw that people wanted to do everything the easy way so he made a touch screen. He saw that people don’t want to get a new phone every year so he made the OS able to be upgraded. He saw that people want to do more more often so he made the iPhone able to perform tasks a computer does.

Steve Jobs revolutionized the world through his solutions to major problems. Without the problems, imagine the world without Apple.

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The Effect of Steve Jobs

The adversity of Steve Jobs is what changed the modern computing world for the better. His failures, and his successes is what brought him to where he stood until his death in October of 2011. Steve Job’s ideas and creativity led him to think outside of the box shaping the era.

He had dropped out of Reed college in Oregon. His dropping out was influenced by his parents back home in California because they could not afford it. This resulted in him taking a path that is not common for college graduates to take right out of college. The effect of him dropping out of college was taking on a new venture in hopes of supporting himself and helping out his family. That move he decided to make was only the beginning of what was ahead for Apple. This not only affected his life, but it also affected the world. Little by little, step by step, Apple grew and grew and slowly spread through the world.

Steve Jobs was brought to being fired by Apple because of what Apple called poor and reckless management. His hippie lifestyle played into his leadership, too. The incident occurred shortly after the success of the Macintosh computer. This poor but great decision resulted in Apple suddenly go down the drain and Steve Jobs to succeed at his new companies, Pixar and NeXT. Apple and Steve Jobs had been apart for more than ten years until Apple asked him to come back. The departure of Steve Jobs resulted in the Mac starting to fail in the industry. As Apple’s main product, it hurt them greatly. The main effect of Steve Jobs leaving Apple was the Macintosh failing and Apple doing horrible. After Steve Jobs was rehired, he replenished their wealth by going past the Macintosh and introducing the iPod to compete with Sony Walkman. This affected the industry yet again as a step into the modern day phone industry.

The world has been effected by Steve Jobs and Apple. Steve Jobs brought the modern day computer, phone, tablet, and music industry to our homes. His life will be remembered to change the world for the better and make our jobs easier. He is the reason we can do what we do everyday.

Revolutionary Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs; A failure. A college dropout, a fired executive, an unsuccessful business man. That’s nothing you hear in a classic conversation about Steve Jobs. On the other hand, failure is what brought Steve Jobs to the position he was. From a college dropout to a person that revolutionized the world. Steve Jobs was the poster child of failure to success. Wild success.

Steve Jobs was smart from the start and also took an early interest in technology when he was in high school. He also met Steve Wozniak, the man he co-founded Apple with in his early life. Steve Wozniak was currently a HP employee, but Jobs convinced him to quit so they could make their own startup. Steve Jobs famously started Apple in his own garage, the first prototype of the Apple I was made in Steve Jobs bedroom.

Steve Jobs is the reason we have our modern day technology. He was the one that introduced the first touch screen product, something that is extremely common everywhere we go. He also began putting retina display, his own invention, into products. He created the idea of the tablet by introducing the first iPad. The most important role of Steve Jobs in modern day technology was being ‘the innovator’, or ‘the thinker’. Steve Jobs was the head and everybody else followed. This can be seen by viewing the Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad and how they were the first of their own respective type, like a leader and his followers. His strength in leadership brought him to where he last left his mark.

Steve Jobs had brought the world together through his ideas and inventions, he produced the most successful company in the world. He was the best business man alive.
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