Charles and Emma

By: Deborah Heiligman


Charles and Emma they got married they have 17 children and 5 of them are dead. Charles is a scientist he is studying on "origin of species" Charles has a brother name Erasmus he is a scientist too. when Emma was pregnancy Charles was so worried and busy all the time Charles is a busy man he is the one that have take care of the whole family. One Emma had a baby and it's a boy Charles was so happy to see his son he named him Charles junior. 3 days later Lyell told Charles Lyell was Charles assistant she told him to publish his book but Charles didn't listen he says that he wasn't prepared to publish yet. Then one month later one person name Wallace published the book. On June23 suddenly baby Charles got sick with a fever and also Charles son Etty had a diphtheria a deaseas that was new to England. Charles didn't publish his book he was miserable and one day his son was dead by a fever. Emma and Charles life was horrible.

What immpresed me?

Charles was a scientist and he has 17 children and five of them died he also publish his own book I mean he is a scientist and a publisher that's a lot for him he can't do nothing about his family he is trying his best he could he is not giving up that impressed me a lot.

What surprised me?

Charles junior died that surprised me a lot. A poor that didn't have a chance to look at his whole family and the world and he didn't even see his parents. And how the other three children died that was really sad. Charles couldn't publish his story he didn't listen to his assistant Lyell. Charles and Emma their life is now miserable they feel like they are so alone.


"You must remember that you are my prime treasure"

"It is feeling and not reasoning that drives one to prayer"

"We must be more and more to each other my dear wife"

"More than any woman that I ever knew she comforted"