Mini Element Project- Neon

By: Emily Rangel TH R1


  • The symbol for Neon: Ne
  • The atomic number: 10
  • The atomic weight: 20.1797(6)g.mol-1
  • Standard state at room temperature: Gas at 298 K

Melt or Boil

Melting point: -249 degrees Celsius

Boiling point: 246 degrees Celsius

Category: One of the 6 Noble Gases (Helium, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, and Radioactive Radon.)

What do we use it for?

When, Where, and Who Discovered it?

When, Where, and Who?

When: In 1898

Where: London, England

Who: Sir William Ramsey

How Common is Neon?/Recap

Neon came very common because George Claude made a lamp from an electrified tube of neon gas. And that was how the neon signs that you see around the world were born. And now the neon signs are a number of colors.
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