three reasons why you should read Nanberry


I can't stop reading this historical and smart book called Nanberry. It looks like that it is the most popular book in the world because I love the front cover because I always wanted to know what Nanberry looks like for real. It starts of with a young boy called Nanberry Buckenau who lived with his Parents and Relatives. It's smart book that helps you learn about what happened in History.

First reason

The first reason why you should read this book Nanberry is because of the way Jackie French used a descriptive style of writing. Those sentences are very vivid and they make me want to do some more researching about the characters. I also liked how Jackie French studied about Nanberry, the places like Sydney cove, the horrid disease called smallpox and how it affected Nanberry's Parents and many other facts about the book Nanberry.

Second reason

The second reason why you should read Nanberry is that it is also very educational and helps you and the reader about what happened in History like: How smallpox affected all the indigenous people( even Nanberry) and many more facts you can think of. I also like this book because it is a fictional historical and educational book that will help you learn about stuff in the years that pasted. This is also a true story (but fictional) that helps you learn more stuff about Nanberry and how he became English etc.