Western Frontier

Keith Landry

Native Americans

The Native Americans have lived in this country much longer than the whites or as we call them Americans. The Americans have wanted the Native Americans land ever since the Americans got there. They have began to get greedier and greedier. They are basically kicking the Native Americans out of their land and turning them into whites. This occurred for a very long span of time. They kicked the Native Americans out of there land, building new railroads and expanding westward to expand this country.

The Whites have found out that some of the Native Americans land was more valuable than expected so now the whites want that land for themselves. The land they want the most is the land from the Sioux tribe that are located in the Black Hills. They wanted the Black Hills because they wanted to mine for gold in the Black Hills and run a railroad through the mountains. But the Native Americans did not want to give up that land because it was sacred to them. The whites weren’t ready to give up that land and they were going to do anything to get that land. As the whites expanded west they started to expand west they started to build railroads along the way to help form towns and even cities. They started to run the Americans of all there land that why so they could have more land for our population and less for theirs.
The whites were using Chinese immigrants. They had several companies that were competing for who could complete the most railroad tracks. Many many people died trying to construct these railroads that we don’t even use anymore but was the best way to travel. But the Native Americans were not ready to give up there way of life just so the whites could advance there way of life. Which created some battles along the way. The Native Americans could not stop the advancement of the United States. There was no way to avoid this expansion.

Pictures of Western Frontier

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Black Hills video

The Beauty of the Black Hills

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