The Mayan Strong Start

Volume 2.16 - It's Great to be a Mayan!

Our Mayan Mission

Our mission is to discover and cultivate our strengths to create and Mayan Family rooted in trust, empathy, responsibility, and resilience which will lead to academic and personal success for each student.

Mayan Events at a Glance!

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Other Important Dates...

May 23- 8th Grade Awards Night @ MOH

May 25/25- 8th grade EOC's


May 30- 8th grade return iPads

May 31/June 1- 7th grade EOC's

June 1- Promotion @6pm @ MOH

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ASES Showcase

Friday, May 12th, 5pm

3250 Palm Avenue

San Diego, CA

Our wonderful cheer team will be showcasing their talents at the ASES Showcase! We hope you can attend!

Attention all Female Athletes!!!!

This is an amazing opportunity to hear from PROFESSIONAL WOMEN ATHLETES ab out their experience, learn from them, and get ready for the next level. If you are interested in attending, please scan the QR code and register!
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Club MAYA Applications Due

Attention all 7th-grade students! If you are interested in being in Club MAYA next year, please make sure to have your application for next year complete my May 12.

Step 1- click below and fill out the info to receive the application

Step 2- Your parent/guardian will receive an electronic application fro City Span. Fill it out and it's complete! You are in for next year!

Club MAYA Interest Form

Once you complete this step, look for an email from City Span to complete the application!

Cap and Gown Make Up Pictures May 16!

All eighth-grade students who did not take the cap and gown photo the first time around will have a make-up picture day on May 16 in PE classes. There will be NO RETAKES! This is only for students who missed the first picture day.

Once all student photos have been taken, Lifetouch will send the image proofs and then you may order them!

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Strengths Portfolio Night!

We are thrilled to host our second annual Strengths Portfolio Night for our eighth grade students. During this one-of-a-kind event at Montgomery Middle, students will showcase what they have learned and experienced throughout their time at our school and how learning about their strengths has helped them find success through it all.
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8th Grade Awards Night

We have over 200 students receiving awards to celebrate their success throughout their time in Middle School. If your student is receiving an award, a personal invitation will be sent out, but until then... save the date!
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ASB interviews

Ms. Jones will be conducting ASB interviews this week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. If you complete your SBAC early, please inform Ms. Jones through a Jupiter message and she will call you out of class.

Starting next week, incoming ASB students will help with events, shadow current students, and see what ASB has to offer!

Yearbooks for Sale!

We have already sold over 100 yearbooks this year! Make sure you pre-order yours before they are sold out! You may stop by the ASB any day from 9:30-4:00 pm to purchase, or students can purchase during the day.

Cost $35

After April 30 = $40

Strengths Highlight: Presence

Our strengths highlight this week is Presence. You were born to be at the front of the room telling stories and taking the lead. Other people watch you and listen to you.

"I use my presence to speak up for myself" -Julian Bermudez Maldonado

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End of the Year Library Calendar

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Need a Wellness Boost? Read a Book!

Did you know that May is mental health awareness month? Studies consistently show that book reading has many psychological benefits. Reading fiction can increase your capacity for empathy, through the process of seeing the world through relatable characters. Reading has also been found to reduce stress! Here are some great books that might help you deal with some of life’s difficulties.



Food Distribution on Wednesday, May 17

Please join us for our food distribution from 1-3 pm on Wednesday. Our food distribution is walk up only, don't forget your bags!

Montgomery Middle School

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Location: 1051 Picador Boulevard, San Diego, CA, USA
Phone: 619-662-2800