north vs. south

Kali M period 7

North vs. South geography

The north has freezing winters, humid summers, four seasons, hills, rivers, mountains, and forests.

The south has mild winters, long hot, humid summers, lots of rain, swamps, and flat rivers.

North vs. South economy

The north had major manufacturing, railroads, trading, world commerce, shipping and productive family farms.

The south had no manufacturing, no family farms, huge plantations for cotton and tobacco. Lots of trade with England and France for cotton and tobacco. And had the use of slaves on plantations

North vs. South transportation

The South relied on natural waterways and had far fewer canals

Also, the South had less and poorer roads. They had some railroads but a lot less than the North.

The North got around by trains, canals, and roads.

Society in the north vs. south

The North had no slavery. People of the north were not wealthy or powerful. Only a few people still lived on farms by 1860.

Slavery was a major part of the south in the 1800s. Slaves were needed in the south more than the north because many plantations were built there and they needed people to work on them.