Why should students be making?

What are makerspaces?

Makerspaces are a way to give students a time to create, explore, tinker, and question. Makerspaces are not defined by the space, but by the mindset of incorporating design thinking and collaboration.

What role should libraries have in the maker space movement?

Libraries are a resource center for books, technology, digital tools, and maker supplies. The library media specialist is able to support students with design thinking. Connecting students with materials and information resources can be done to enhance student interests and support the common core.
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How can you support the maker movement in our library?

Maker spaces do support the common core. They are a way of extending student learning. Support is needed to implement the maker concept by incorporating them into classrooms and the library program. Financial support is necessary.

Example materials include legos, art supplies, Little Bits, Osmo, Green Screen, Squish Circuits, Lego WeDo, building materials, Makey Makey, Snap Circuits, and 3D printing.

Maker Space Expectations

If you Fail, never give up because F.A.I.L. means, "First Attempt in Learning."

End is not the end. In fact, E.N.D. means, "Effort Never Dies."

If you get No as an answer, remember No means, "Next Opportunity."

Taken from Smart Kids With Learning Disabilities Non-Profit Organization