Cambodia? More like "Cambo-die-a"!

The mass murder of Cambodians and the like

Persecution of the Masses

Khmer Rouge party leader "Pol Pot" planned to nationalize and centralize the farming society of Cambodia in 1975. This eventually began the slow eradication of over 25 percent of Cambodia's population in less than three years. It all began with the Khmer Rouge's overthrow on the Lon Nol government. It ended in 1978 when the Vietnamese overthrew the Khmer Rouge from their spot in government. Karma, right? The photo to the right is a prisoner log containing all captives in just one of their Killing Fields.

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Cambodian Genocide - Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge
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The Killing Fields in Cambodia

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This photo shows the timeline of events involving all members and actions lived out by the Khmer Rouge regime. The majority of events and dates take place after the initial genocide. These dates are points in time when a leader or commander was tried, convicted, or even died.

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