Plains First nations


Social Organization

The Plains people migrated during summer times for spiritul ceremonies like dances ,feasts and communal hunt the Plains had . Individual migrating groups each with it's own Cheif though the groups were fiecely independent Plains first nations . Had military . Socities that carried functions such as policing and regulating life in camp and organizing defences.

Food Resources

Plains first nations followed the buffalo because the buffalo was there main food and the main animal that they hunted one buffalo had alot meat which provided lots of skin and bulls that they could use. The meat was roasted on a spit or boiled in a skin bag with hot stones some of the meat was dried and could be stored for a long time .


The plains homes were called tipis they were called tips because they are made out of long slender poles and corverd with buffalo hides stiched together to prevent drafts the tipis were easy to move with because you could take them apart and they can re-build and that was useful beacuse theyy migrated alot.

Modes of Transportation

Horses were intruduced on the Plains by the Euopean explores around the 1700. the plains first nations adapted and became skillled riders in 100 years of it's introduction.The horses weere used for hunting and transportation but, before that they used dogs and travoirs. Two long poles were hithed to the dogs sides to which webbed frame for holding baggage, was fastened.


Plains first nations used light animal skin such as buffalo, antelope, elk and deer all plains first nations wore tunics, leggings and moccasins of tanned animal skin .

Spiritul Belifes

The Plains first natins belived that their values and gifts were from the creator one of the most important and most common teaching were that we should all live in hamony