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Back to School 2021-2022


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Administrators' Message

Dear Sandymount Families ~

We hope you are enjoying the summer and creating fun-filled memories. We have approximately four weeks before opening our school doors to students and families!

Homeroom assignments will only be accessible via Home Access Center. If you have not yet registered, you are encouraged to to so by visiting the CCPS website @ and clicking the Home Access Center link, located in the bottom left drop-down. From there you will click the “Request Password” link and follow the directions on-screen. If you have any questions or problems, please review the User Manual/FAQs.

We can't wait to see you! Enjoy the remainder of your summer.

Open House/Back to School Night Information/Calendar


❖ 5:30-6:00 PM Administrators' Welcome

❖ 6:00-6:30 PM Session 1

❖ 6:30-7:00 PM Repeat - identical to session 1

Friday 9/3/21 OPEN HOUSE

❖ 2:30-3:00 PM 1st-5th graders who are NEW to Sandymount Q&A; Guided Tour

❖ 3:00-4:00 PM Open House for All; PTA sweet treat out back by the playground

Wednesday 9/8/21

❖ First Day of School !

Monday 9/13/21

❖ First Day of School for Pre-Kindergarten Students


❖ 5:30-6:00 Administrators' Welcome

❖ 6:00-6:30 PM Session 1

❖ 6:30-7:00 PM Repeat - identical to session 1

School Information

School Hours:

9:00 ~ School doors open

9:25 ~ Drop-off doors close

9:30 ~ Instruction begins

4:00 ~ Dismissal begins

9:30-12:00 ~ Pre-Kindergarten

Office Hours ~ 8:00-4:30

Internet Address:

Absence email:

Signing Your Child In/Out of School & Reporting Absences

The student school day is 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM. Students arriving after 9:30 AM will be considered tardy and a parent/guardian is required to bring the student into the office to sign in. Students are expected to be in their homeroom and ready for instruction by 9:30 AM.

To report an absence via email, please use the Sandymount attendance email address to notify the office of the absence. This will ensure the absence coding is accurate. Also, it ensures that information needing to be forwarded to other staff members can be done by the office staff. Feel free to cc the teacher in the email as well so they can prepare for the student’s dismissal. Please indicate the child’s name and teacher name on all correspondence submitted to the office.

Students who will be picked up infrequently or irregularly:

Parents who want to change a child’s dismissal for the day must submit a hand written/signed note the morning of the change. Emails for dismissal are no longer accepted. If someone other than a parent or legal guardian will be picking up your child, please indicate their name in your note. Please call the school office if you have an emergency and we will instruct you further. Please be ready to show your photo ID when you pick up your child(ren).

Need to Change Your Child’s Dismissal?

The office is a busy place at the end of the day. Unexpected, last-minute changes create unnecessary havoc. Our goal is to keep your student safe and to arrive home safely. Therefore, we ask that any change in dismissal be submitted in a hand written/signed note on the morning of the change. If the change needs to be made during the school day and qualifies as a true emergency, please call the front office for further instruction. Please indicate the child’s name and teacher name on all correspondence submitted to the office.

Parent Pick-Up Procedures

At dismissal time, all car rider students will report to the gym. Parents will drive along the side of the school building by following the arrows on the pavement and proceed through the parent pick-up loop. Please have your number sign visible and your photo ID ready to present to the staff member on duty. The staff member will call into the school to dismiss students. Students will exit the back door to the pick-up lane. Once students have loaded, the procedure will repeat for the next set of cars.

Parent Drop-Off Procedures

1. Upon entering the Sandymount entrance, drive toward the back of the school (1st and 2nd grade side of the building), keep to the right of the yellow center line.

2. Once at the loop at the rear of the building (near dumpsters), go around the outside loop keeping to the right, and proceed down the side by the curb back towards the front of the building.

3. DO NOT STOP at back entrance (entrance for deliveries and daycare drop-off).

4. There are zebra lines //// painted and signs indicating the student drop-off area.

5. Stop and let your child exit your vehicle. School personnel will be there to assist. Remind children to be ready to exit your vehicle promptly, and if possible on the curb-side for safety reasons.

6. At all times, private vehicles are to yield to school buses and pedestrians.

7. Parent Drop-Off doors will close at 9:25 AM. This allows students ample time to arrive to their homeroom class and be prepared for instruction which begins promptly at 9:30 AM. If you are dropping your student off after 9:25, the parent will need to park in the front parking lot and safely escort their child to the office and sign in. We kindly ask that the front bus loop not be used as a secondary drop-off line after 9:25. In order for the student not be be marked tardy, they need to be in their homeroom by 9:30.

Emergency Cards

Each year, your student will bring home one emergency card which is to be completed and signed by the parent with primary physical custody. In the case of joint custody, the emergency card is completed by the parent at the address to whom the child registered for school. It is extremely important that you fully complete and return this card the first week of school. Please check for accuracy of all contact names and numbers and make any corrections on the card. The information provided on the emergency card needs to be accurate so we ask that you update the office asap with any address or phone number changes.

Bus Information

School Bus Route Listings will be posted on the CCPS Website, on August 13th. Per county policy, only one AM and one PM bus stop is permitted. If your child’s bus needs to change at any time throughout the school year, please notify the office in writing. We encourage you to make daycare arrangements ahead of time, especially on the scheduled early dismissal days. Please indicate the child’s name and teacher name on all correspondence submitted to the office.

Inclement Weather-Related Delayed Openings or Early Dismissals

Please review the Inclement Weather Policy in the Carroll County Public Schools’ Informational Calendar that will be sent home with your youngest child early in the school year. The policy outlined pertains to extreme heat and humidity, as well as ice and snow. If your child will have a dismissal change on weather related days or early dismissal days, please notify the office (in writing) on the day of the change.

Who Can Pick My Child Up From School?

It is a common misconception that the emergency contacts listed on your emergency card can remove a child from school without written permission. The emergency contact names are listed for the schools purpose in the event of an emergency when the parent/guardian is unable to be reached. You are required to write a note if you wish to have your child removed from school by anyone other than yourself. Please include the child’s full name/grade/teacher/date/time and the full name of the person picking up the child. Also, remind them that they are required to provide identification.

Who is My Child’s Teacher and How Do I Contact Them?

Homeroom assignments will be visible in Home Access Center on August 16th. Once logged in, you will be able to view your child’s homeroom teacher.

Throughout the school year, you may wish to get in touch with your child’s teacher. If available, teachers are able to take phone calls before the students arrive in the morning and if possible, during their planning times. Please know that your messages are forwarded and the teacher makes every effort to contact you in a timely manner. For your convenience, faculty and staff email addresses are listed on the Sandymount website.

Sandymount Website Page

We encourage our families to access the Sandymount Website Our website contains staff email addresses, lunch and special area times, lunch account and visitor information as well as valuable information and resources. Please take some time to visit the About Us, Teams and Parents/Community tabs as well as News and Events, Students and Parents and lastly, Tools and Resources.

Special Area Times

Kindergarten 2:00-3:00

1st Grade 3:00-4:00

2nd Grade 1:00-2:00

3rd Grade 11:30-12:30

4th Grade 10:30-11:30

5th Grade 9:30-10:30

Lunch Times

Kindergarten 11:15-11:45

1st Grade 11:30-12:00

2nd Grade 11:50-12:20

3rd Grade 12:30-1:00

4th Grade 1:00-1:30

5th Grade 1:15-1:45

Volunteer Training

CCPS requires yearly volunteer training for any adult who wants to volunteer in a school or chaperone a field trip. Please make sure that you complete the training as soon as possible. Volunteer information can be located on the CCPS website or by clicking Volunteers should not arrive at school before 9:00 AM, when the doors open for students.

Transportation Form 2021-2022

Notes from the Nurse

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a fun and safe summer. As we gear up for another school year, here is some important information from the Mrs. Shaw.


New medication forms are needed every school year. Blank medication forms are available from the nurses or the CCPS website at Medications need to be brought to school by a parent/legal guardian along with a completed CCPS medication form. Controlled medications need to be counted with nurse when first brought to school. Students CANNOT transport medications to or from school The prescription label on the bottle must match the completed CCPS medication form. All prescription medication must have a prescription label on them. This includes inhalers, epipens, as well as medication bottles. No medication will be accepted without the correct prescription label and a completed CCPS medication form also matching the prescription label. If there is a situation where a bottle is needed at home as well as at school, ask the pharmacy to provide an extra labeled medication bottle for school. All medications require a parent and doctor signature and CCPS medication form. This includes over-the-counter medications. Also, please provide unopened medication containers which don’t expire until the end of the school year.


Incoming kindergartners must have 2 MMR’s and 2 Varicella. If not, a note from the parent stating when the student has an appointment to complete the series must be sent to the nurse.


For students who may have toileting issues, it is helpful to send in a change of clothes to keep on hand.

If your child is out for an extended illness or injury, please send in any paperwork from the doctor to help us with any restrictions/limitations your child may have so we may better care for them.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Health Suite.

Faculty & Staff Changes

Welcome to Sandymount

We would like to welcome the following staff to Sandymount:

Ms. Barnett - Speech

Mrs. Cooper - Special Ed Instructional Assistant

Ms. Moore - Student Support Assistant

Goodbye & Best Wishes

Goodbye & Best Wishes to staff who have moved on to new challenges & ventures:

Ms. Gordon

Mrs. Trilling

Mrs. Barazotto

Faculty/Staff Changes

Mrs. Artson is now teaching Grade 4

Mr. Goretsas is now at SES 5 days a week

Mrs. Grieves is now teaching Grade 2

Ms. Ledford is now teaching Grade 3

Mr. Nazelrod is now at SES 3 days a week

HotSpots Before and After School Information

Sandymount Student Handbook

Consent & Release

Permission to Photograph, Videotape or Audiotape

Throughout the school year, the Carroll County Public School System frequently covers school activities and may use your child’s photograph, video image, or voice for educational, informational, or public relations purposes, with or without identification by name.

If you do not wish to have your child’s voice reproduced on tape or to have his/her image appear in such things as a video or a photograph, or on the school or school system website or social media, please notify the school principal in writing. It is assumed that parents and guardians consent to their children being audiotaped, photographed, videotaped, or having their image placed on a school website or social media by the school system unless such notification is received.

There are also occasions when the media cover certain school events (such as when a government leader visits a school). If you do not wish to have your child’s name or likeness published by the media, you should address your concerns directly to the school involved so that the media is so advised. Please be advised that the school system has no control over the media when they are covering activities such as sporting events and musical programs that are open to the public.

Use of Student Work on Websites or in Publications

There may be times throughout the year when the Carroll County Public School System wishes to display student work on school websites, social media, or in publications. If you do not wish to have your child’s art, poetry, writing, etc. appear on school websites, social media, or in publications, please notify the school principal in writing. It is assumed that parents and guardians consent to their child’s work being displayed on school websites, social media, or in publications unless such notification is received.


Revised 6/30/17

Sandymount PTA Information

Please visit the Sandymount PTA website for specific information and happenings from our fabulous PTA! Sandymount PTA Website:

President - Heather Brown -

Co-Vice President - Kristen Maszarose -

Co-Vice President - Jess Flynn -

Treasurer - Katie Smith -

Secretary - Danie Ridgeway -

Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA)

Management plans for all buildings owned or leased by the Board of Education for Carroll Co. are available for review at the individual Carroll Co. school locations and at the Office of Plant Operations, located at 191 Schaeffer Ave. Westminster, Md 21157. Management plans are required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and depict the location, amount, condition, and response action projected for any asbestos containing materials, if any are located in the school building.

Notice of Non Discrimination

The Board of Education of Carroll County does not engage in discrimination that is unlawful or contrary to Maryland State Department of Education guidance on the basis of age, color, genetic information, marital status, mental or physical disability, ancestry or national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

The Board of Education of Carroll County is firmly committed to creating equal employment and educational opportunities for all persons by providing an environment that supports optimal academic achievement and productive work and is free from any form of unlawful discrimination, including access to school facilities, educational programs, and extracurricular activities.

The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Director of Human Resources, 125 North Court Street, Westminster, Maryland 21157, (410) 751-3070.

ADA Accessibility Statement

Carroll County Public Schools (CCPS) does not discriminate on the basis of disability in employment or the provision of services, programs or activities. Persons needing auxiliary aids and services for communication should contact the Communications Office at 410-751-3020 or, or write to Carroll County Public Schools, 125 North Court Street, Westminster, Maryland 21157. Persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech disability, may use Relay or 7-1-1. Please contact the school system at least one (1) week in advance of the date the special accommodation is needed.

Information concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act is available from the Director of Facilities Management, (410) 751-3177, or the Communications Officer, (410) 751-3020, 125 North Court Street, Westminster, Maryland 21157.

Shakira Murphy - Principal

Stacy Kowaleviocz - Assistant Principal

2222 Old Westminster Pike

Finksburg, MD 21048


410-751-3925 (fax)

Attendance only email:

Website Address:

9:00 - School doors open for students

9:25 - Parent drop-off doors close

9:30 - Instruction begins

4:00 - Dismissal

Office Hours 8:00-4:30