Friday Coach Note

February 5, 2016

Math Targets

Our DMTI day with Sam is just around the corner: February 9th! So this week's note is dedicated to Math!

Winter Math CBM's

You have your Winter Math CBM's to look over. Please keep these secure. They are for your eyes only. Just return them when you are finished. If you see areas where students have struggled go over similar problems, but please do not use any problems from the test. Thanks!

New Math Modules from Sam have been added to the Q-Drive!

"DMTI from Sam All Grades " Folder

K-------Unit 4 Geometry

1st-----Unit 4 Geometry

2nd----Unit 3 Whole Comp. & Place Value

Unit 4 Geometry

5th---- Unit 3 Mult. & Div. of Fractions

Unit 5 Geometry Volume

I will continue to update as we receive new units, modules, etc.

K-5 Math Teaching Resources

Free Math resources all aligned to Common Core---use for small group, individual or whole group activities. Click on light blue drop down topics for your grade level.

Howard County SMART Pages

This is a parent site with great visual examples of strategies students use in each grade. Click on your grade level and scroll down. Caution this is a Maryland school district. Their pacing may not be the same as ours, but the Core Standards should be the same.

Achieve The CORE Coherence Map

This is awesome! This is the vertical alignment piece! Click on "Get Started" and then your grade level. Click green arrows to expand, download and view!

Whole Brain Fun in First Grade with Multiplication and Division!!

This last one is just for fun! It's a 1st grade class demonstrating skip counting and manipulation of inverse relationships like you've never seen! Do you think any of these students will struggle with multiplication facts when they get to the upper grades? Check out this amazing video!!! (Mr. Miller you were right on target with that lesson!)
Whole Brain Teaching: Amazing 1st Grade Math Students

Our Little Emergency this week!

I wanted to share some photos of what was happening when everyone was down in the gym. Here's a little song I remember teaching to Kindergarten!

911 is the number,

Call 911 and help will come!

Fire Police and Emergency

You just call 911! Just call 911!

So glad they were ready to respond and help us out!

Have a wonderful relaxing weekend!

8 Hour Deep Sleep Music: Delta Waves, Relaxing Music Sleep, Sleeping Music, Sleep Meditation ☯159

Fun with S'

I thought I would try to do my Coach Note in S'More fashion this week!

It's very easy and fun!

Thanks for the demo Cheri!