Healthy Happy Hour

Vegan Certified. Gluten Free.

Get a fresh start to health!

We will share how to:

  • Break "bad" food habits and use foods as fuel for optimal performance
  • Improve your health, performance and vitality!
  • Decrease toxins and increase nutrients!
  • Reduce stressors and inflammation in the body
  • Learn why you can't out exercise a bad diet

You will learn:

  • Why its important to detox
  • About GMO's
  • Gluten
  • Types of protein

Pure. Safe. Beneficial.

Workshop dates:

December 17th at 6:30

December 20th at 6:30

December 28th at 5:00

Will be located at 114 coffee shop right off of the Neosho Square next to the Neosho Beauty College.

Please RSVP with Leticia Foster 417-658-3019/

Feel free to bring a guest!

The benefits of Arbonne 28 day detox

  • Body fat and weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Eat real food
  • Clear skin
  • More energy
  • Daily motivation and accountability
  • Shopping list, meal plans and recipes
  • Feel and look fabulous!
Healthy Is the New Happy