Here, There & Everywhere

A Secondhand Music Store

Let's face it: buying music just ain't what it used to be.

When's the last time you bought a good, old-fashioned vinyl album, cassette tape, LP or record single? Heck, today even compact disks are considered "out of date!"
iTunes and other online music services are convenient; they're usually pretty cheap, personalized just for you, and have an unlimited catalog.
But sometimes the ease of electronic music compromises the real, rich sound that only physical copies of music can provide. That's why I'm starting a partnership with 5 other people just as passionate about good music as I am. To understand our business plans better, I'd like to explain how the idea of Here, There & Everywhere will (hopefully!) burgeon into a successful business and bring a fresh outlook on music for our city.

So why a partnership?

There are lots of advantages to starting a partnership. They are fairly easy to start and do not require us to pay a corporate income tax. All of us equally share liability, so the financial burdens of the business do not lie upon the shoulders of one person.
The main reason, however, is that we are bringing in talent and creativity from many different people. When thrift shopping, the ability to find the needle in the hay stack, so to speak, requires a lot of effort, stamina and talent. We want to bring only the best secondhand music to our store, and we need those who are willing to spend the time looking for that one gem in a pile of rocks.
Of course we know that there are disadvantages to a partnership, as there are to any kind of business. Since there will be 6 people involved in the decision making process, sometimes making agreements may be time consuming and difficult. We also will be sharing all the profits we make. Someone may want to leave the business to pursue something else in his or her life. These are all important issues to address, but we plan to take them in stride. We all know that each person's opinion has equal value, and sometimes we have to compromise to do what's best for the business. We also have other means of profit lined up for ourselves, so we won't be stuck in a financial rut. We have raised enough money for the initial start up costs of our business. We know that planning for the future is imperative for our success.

What makes you different from a thrift shop?

Good question! Thrift shopping is one of our favorite past-times. But after a while, you start to get fed up, going to store after store after store and not finding what you're looking for. Thrift stores have such a large inventory that sometimes they don't get to all of it. They usually don't have time to check the items brought in to see if they're in good working order. That's where we come in: we plan to scour all the thrift stores within our area and out to bring you the cream of the crop. In addition to the music itself, we will be looking for record players, tape recorders, CD walk men, radios, etc. We'll be checking for the quality of our merchandise as well. We know how disappointing it is to excitedly bring home a new record, only to find it won't play.
We also plan to sell our favorite magazines and books covering all things music. Eventually, we would like to expand to selling some used instruments and possibly hosting live, acoustic performances of local talents.

We look for all kinds of music, spanning different genres, decades and generations.

You Won't See Me
Ten Thousand Words - I and Love and You, 6/13
Salty Bean Fumble - Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Come to our grand opening!

We're having our grand opening on October 13th, 2014. We will release more information later about special first day offers and events.

Are you hiring?

Yep, we're currently looking for employees over the age of 21 (because the job may require travel, depending on your position) who are passionate about music. We will offer employee insurance for dental, vision and regular health care, as well as a 401k retirement plan.
We take our employees questions, concerns and ideas very seriously. Because we're such a small business, we don't want to create a labor union; we don't believe in forcing people to join a union, but we feel that making one optional will alienate employees who chose not to join. Since we are so small, however, we plan to hold bi-weekly meeting with all of the owners and employees at once, to discuss problems and brainstorm. If an employee has a complaint at any time, they can speak to someone directly or file a complaint to provide legal evidence of the problem. We feel like our employees are like family, and we do not intend on excluding anyone or belittling their problems.
If you're interested in applying, call or e-mail us at the information posted below.

Giving back to the community

Here, There & Everywhere: A Secondhand Music Store

Questions? Suggestions? Want to sell your old music to us? Call us or shoot us an e-mail.