Living With dyslexia


  • 17% of people in the United States live with dyslexia (Elfthorp, Petra, Hearne)
  • Dr. W Pringle Morgan discovered dyslexia in 1896 (Morken, Frøydis, and Turid Helland)
  • Dyslexia alters the ability to read/write, which may cause kids to drop out
  • There are many mistakes about dyslexia
  • Many people don't have a common understanding on dyslexia
  • The U.S. has laws that are designed to protect, support, and serve individuals with reading related disabilities


  • Parents have educational expectations
  • Along with reading, writing is also a challenge for people with dyslexia

Emotional Effects

  • Adults with dyslexia are seen as "slow" or "inefficient"
  • There are many crazy emotions tied with dyslexia
  • Sometimes people with dyslexia have severe Personality Disorder

Questions and Difficulties

  • Detecting dyslexia is very hard
  • There are many questions that people have about dyslexia
  • People don't know if dyslexia should be diagnosed or not