Catastrophic Events: Drought

Abby Stevens & Lelani Hodges

Droughts Causes and Characteristics

There are multiple different kinds of drought, but the specified one in this dicussion is a hydrolical drought. Basically, a hydrolical drought is an extended period of time in which an area has a very limited supply of water due to little rainfall. Droughts have many varied characteristics. A few examples are, riverbeds can be left dry, species can dwindle because of thirst, and wildfires can occur because of dry grasses. Even though most effects are negitive, some are healthy for the envirement.

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Effects of Drought on the Habitat

Almost every single effect that water shortages have on the envirenment are negitive. This is a list of opposing actions that can occur due to drought on the surrounding terrain.




4.poor soil conditions

5.wetland decreasion




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Positive Drought Side Effects in Area and Humanity

While a good majority of effects for this topic are negitive, there are some positive ones too.

1.important for wetlands to have different water levels to be healthy

2. companies make more money for their products

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Negitive Effects Drought has on People

Communities are severely affected by water lossage. A handful of things that happen to humans in the midst of a drought are listed below. problems caused by dry climate

2.economic issues

3.political conflict

4.too little water to raise crops



Texas on Droughts

Recently, all of Texas has been having a drought that has not yet ended. This drought began in 2011 with extreme temperatures reaching above 100. Dry ground and hard winds were also a part of this dry spell. Wildfires have now plagued the region for a considerable amount of time. W. E. and D. have played a major role in shaping Texas landforms since the aridity started. The reason behind this is, the dryness in the area has caused weathering to occur faster. Erosion and deposition follow.

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Texas Sized Drought