Abruzzo Country Cooking

A Day of Cooking, Eating & Exploring in Manoppello

Please Join Us!

Spend a delicious day in the lovely countryside of Manoppello with Country House Casale Centurione, Abruzzo4Foodies, Majella Home Cooking and Tenuta Arabona

Abruzzo Country Cooking

Saturday, July 20th, 10am-4pm

Country House Casale Centurione, Contrada Santa Maria Arabona, 2a Manoppello (PE)

For information, pricing and bookings, please contact Giulia (Tel: 0039 3358257345) or Michelle (Email: majellacooking@gmail.com or FB: https://www.facebook.com/MajellaHomeCooking)

Maximum 10 participants. First come, first serve. Book now!


  • Guided interactive tour of the lush garden and orchard
  • Hands-on cooking class and pranzo with Giulia, Emiliana and Michelle, where you’ll prepare and enjoy a garden-to-table meal using freshly picked ortaggi and local artisanal products, as well as Spaghetti alla Chitarra, the classic pasta of Abruzzo. Includes full meal and wine. Cooking instruction in English and Italian
  • Passeggiata nella campagna” – a leisurely stroll through the bucolic countryside
  • Guided visit of the characteristic Case di Terra Cruda
  • Visit and wine tasting at Tenuta Arabona

Hosted by:

Giulia Scappaticcio, Country House Casale Centurione (Manoppello) – www.casalecenturione.it

Emiliana Dell'Arciprete, Abruzzo4Foodies (Orsogna) – www.abruzzo4foodies.com

Michelle Capobianco, Majella Home Cooking (New York) – www.majellahomecooking.com

Tenuta Arabona (Manoppello) - www.tenutaarabona.it