Mini Egg Van

Maddy Graham

Hypothesis and Question

Q. How fast will my egg car go?

H. I think it will go fast.

Vocabulary/ Background Knowledge

Speed: how fast an object moves

Force: push or pull

Inertia: an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion unless acted

on a outside forces

Acceleration: rate of speed of something ( turns too )

Friction: resistance of a surface rubbing against an object

Momentum: mass times acceleration

Potential Energy: something that has potential to move

Kinetic Energy: energy in motion


* compressed styrofoam

* knife

* measuring tape

* sharpie

* duck tape

* letter stickers

* lego car wheels

* krazy glue

length & size

width: 6.5 cm

length: 16.5 cm

weight: 30 grams


1st get the supplies

2nd cut the compressed styrofoam and cut it for about 16.5 cm long and 5.5 cm wide.

3rd glue the legos and car wheels on the bottom

4th to add a seatbelt take a rubber band and position it where you want then take 2 push pins on the rubber band to make for sure add tape and another push pin

5th decorate it and put name of car and your name

6th weigh the car and find how much it weighs

7th test time


Big image


I ended with a pretty good speed

My average speed is 1.128

End Pic