Life Before the Constitution

By Caroline ♥♥♥♥✳✳✳✳❄❄❄❄♥♥♥♥

Life as a Southern Planter

I am a planter that lives in Virginia. I plant tobacco. My family owns about 30 black slaves and we are very rich. Our wealth depends on our slaves because our slaves work very hard. Our slaves plant, harvest, dry, pack, and load tobacco to get it off for sale. From time to time, some of our slaves run away but good thing we hired a slave catcher. The slave catchers always catch the runaway slaves. "Our family has to get them back because they are our property. Fortunately, we always get our slaves back." :) "The American Colonies defeated Great Britain in the Revolution, but there are still major problems." Business has been very weird lately. "Bankers are unwilling to lend any money to anyone because some legislatures from other states are making and passing laws saying that farmers can pay debts to their creditors with corn, cows, or tobacco."


I am a member of a successful banker and merchant family in New York. I make my money by giving loans to other people and getting paid back with interest on those loans. Very upsetting things have been happening these days. "Many state legislatures have laws passing that are allowing people who owe money to pay their debts with corn, tobacco, and whatever they may have of value instead of money." "In other words, a banker might lend $100 and get paid back with 2 cows, and a bushel of corn." There is no more respect for property anymore.

Enslaved African Americans

I an enslaved African American. "I live on a tobacco plantation in Virginia." The Declaration of Independence said that "all men are created equal." Still, since our skin is black, we aren't treated equally. We are still slaves because of our color, and we are still born as a slave. My life is a very harsh slave life because I have to get up at dawn, quit when it gets dark, and then do more chores when I return from working in the fields. I am under control of my master. Even though I have a very bad life, I still try to have the best life I possibly can have.