Sra. Pizzuto Spanish Newsletter

October, 2016

Dear parents and students,

Welcome to the October Issue of our newsletter! I packed it with photos, extra activities, timelines and announcements.

Have a Fun and Safe Halloween!!!

Yours in education,

Daria Pizzuto

7th and 8th grade Spanish


Dear parents,

A clarification needs to be made in regards to HAC. Sometimes I will create an assignment in HAC but will not enter scores right away. That "empty space" counts in HAC as zero. [that's just how it's set up]. When I put in the values, after having graded that assignment, students' averages go back up.

Please let me know if it makes sense and whether you have any questions.


7th grade

Heroes Unit

We are making great progress on "Heroes in my Life". Jaime Escalante, Ellen Ochoa, Cesar Chavez, and other important Hispanic figures are making appearances in our classes.

Students are expected to continue practicing their essential vocabulary: adjectives, verbs and grammar (regular verbs, ser, estar, and adjective agreement).

This week, students demonstrated their knowledge of content and grammar by way of a writing prompt.

students' paragraphs

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How to study for Spanish assessments

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8th grade

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Progress update

Students in 8th grade has been dedicating their time to learning the geography of Spain: its positioning on the map, mountain ranges, rivers, major cities, autonomous communities, any territorial conflicts that Spain may have. Assessment has been administered last week and scores will be entered soon.

Students also created travel brochures for their chosen region. Below are the pictures of some of them!

This week, we have transitioned into learning about specific sites in Spain. There are 9 of them that we will cover. At the end students will have a debate, arguing for and against a certain site.


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Resources for 8th grade

Extra Help

Extra help is available to any student, any week day [except Wednesdays] in room 419, 2:20PM to 2:35PM.
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We have been practicing relaxation since the beginning of September, and i have received the most encouraging feedback from students.

below are the benefits of such practices:

1. reducing stress

2. reducing chronic physical pain

3. boosting body’s immune system to fight disease

4. coping with painful life events, death of a loved one or major illness

5. dealing with negative emotions like anger, fear, and greed

6. increased self awareness to detect harmful reactive patterns of thought, feeling, and action

7. improving attention and concentration

8. enhance positive emotions: happiness and compassion

8. increasing interpersonal relationships

9. reducing addictive behaviors

10. enhancing performance, work, sport, academics