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Tiong Bahru Estate

Tiong Bahru Estate

Interview 1:

1)live at tiong bahru for 19 years.

2)work at food store for 17 years

3)the store is 60 years

4)many food stores have changed,since then

5)positive impact,expanded hawker centre,bigger space more people.

Interview 2:

1)live at tiong bahru for 27 years

2)the place have changed quite a lot

3)missed the old houses as there were a lot of memories back then

4)positive impact,cleaner environment,improving the society

5)there are more buildings now compared to last time

Interview 3:

1)lives in tiong Bharu for 20 years.

2)likes the old shop houses

3)the shops are more convinent

4)it is a benefit for her

5)she miss the old neighbourhood

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