Social Media in the Classroom

The advantages and disadvantages


"We have moved from awareness and resistance to the stage of being aware and understanding the possibilities of technology (2012, The Times)."

* Communication with parents, students and administration everywhere and anytime

* Communicate with other kids all over the world

* Kids of all ages can benefits from use

* Place to post work and allow students to comment on the work and teachers to give feedback

* Students can give feedback to each other


"Young people today are not learning how to communicate to each other face to face (2011, Kaufer)."

* Students do not know how to engage without the use of technology

* Teachers have to accommodate for the "digital divide"

* Students that are being bullied have no escape

* The unknown- you never know who you really are communicating with

* Teaching students how to be safe while using Social Media

Using Social Media in the Classroom
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