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Kid Snippets: "Math Class" (Imagined by Kids)

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone came back refreshed and ready to buckle down for the last leg of the school year! I have seen some great things this week already and I see the kids engaged in all of the classes. If you need anything, please let me know. I am only an email away.

Next week: Triton - Tuesday and Thursday Culver - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


Mrs. Tharp, Mrs. DeSalle, Mrs. Cultice, and Mrs. Berndt for letting me teach a lesson on digital citizenship to their students! The kids were great!

Mrs. Miller for using Multiple Meaning Quia Game in her centers. She said the kids

worked hard and answered very well!

Mrs. Bilinski for thinking of me making a themed lunch count inter-write for her! Great idea!

Mrs. Orcutt for reusing a video from MyBigCampus in her class from last semester.

Mrs. Shively for finishing up her website and getting it posted on the Triton site.

Mrs. Stockinger for thinking ahead and about to make video practice for the summer.

Mrs. Jackson for also looking into making videos for their class.

Mrs. Burroughs, thanks for sharing!!


Monday, April 14th, 6:00PM

You are cordially invited to join us for a festive evening as we celebrate our local educators and home school teachers!

We will have raffle prizes, publisher giveaways, register to win a NOOK and a $500 gift card!

Treats and refreshments will be served, courtesy of our café.

Fun, interactive parlor games & trivia for everyone!

We will have new Children’s and Teen book presentations from 2 of our lead booksellers, Pam & CJ.

There will be new Games, Toy & Gift product

demonstrations to help inspire you for the upcoming

Easter and Graduation season.

Our special guest speaker is local author Diane Bradley and she will be featuring her brand new book “Wilder’s Foe”.

We hope to see you here! You’re welcome

to bring a colleague! The more the merrier!!

Please RSVP to Jim Emmons



iTunes U ---IT IS FREE!!!

iTunes U is an ever-growing collection of educational content from institutions around the world. Access over 750,000 resources on every topic, many of which can be used to teach Common Core standards. It’s easy to use iTunes U materials to complement your lessons. You can bring in an MIT physicist as a guest lecturer. Let history speak for itself with archival films from the Library of Congress. Or add to a math lesson with an origami tutorial from the Asian Art Museum. Whatever you’re teaching, you can find resources to help your students gain a deeper understanding of the lesson at hand.