The Soviet Union

By: Raigan Kramer

The Bolsheviks

The Bolsheviks led The Russian Revolution. They wanted to end communism because they didn't want the people of Europe to be put in classes. They wanted them all to be the equal. It didn't quite work out the way they wanted it to. In 1922 Russia and 5 other countries formed the U.S.S.R or the Soviet Union. But later the Republics took over the Soviet Union. Then they were soon under the socialism control of Josef Stalin.

The Cold War

The United States and The Soviet Union had a lot of tension after World War 2. This was called the Cold War. Both countries are very diverse from each other, The Cold War started the making of bombs and other nuclear weapons. It also started the race to the space. During this time life for people was harsh. Mikhail Gorbachev the president at this time tried to step in and help. Then in 1991 the Soviet Union came to an end and the republican has there freedom back. President Mikhail Gorbachev used propoganda to convince people to live his life style and how he wanted.

The Collapsing of The Soviet Union

The Soviet Union came together in1922. But during the 70s and 80s the economy was bad. I lived in one of the richest neighborhoods and still our money was worth practically nothing outside of our country. Then when Gorbachev gave people the right to speak freely or glasnost. This led the people of the Soviet Union to demand for even more freedom. Autonomy which is the determination to govern themselves was becoming more popular. Then in 1991 the communists attempted a coup. It did fail but our leader Mikhail relized that he had lost all of his power. As the Soviet Union fell all of the Republic countries became free again.