March 25, 2020

A note from the Principal

Dear Families,

As you know by now, our schools will be closed until May 1. This means that we will continue our Flexible Learning options for students. I know this is a very trying time for us all. I can’t thank you enough for the kind messages you are sending our way. We all miss you very much and I’m enjoying seeing you via Seesaw and Facebook and hearing from you via email! I spoke with staff today and thanked them for coming together quickly and working hard to find solutions, communicate with families, and adjust to our new normal. I am not surprised by the incredible effort, time, and patience that everyone has put in because Mistral has a dedicated and determined staff who have always been student- and family-focused. I’m lucky to be a Quetzal!

I’ve compiled a brief list of questions from families. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly or ask your child’s teacher if you have other questions.

I have children in different grades. Why does siblings' work look different?

Depending on the grade level, each child’s experience may be different. Younger children do not yet have the same independence with resources like Google Classroom, so your child’s teachers may be approaching their flexible learning options in different ways. Our focus is to keep students’ skills sharp and each grade level is providing appropriate resources for that purpose.

Is my child’s teacher available?

Teachers have been keeping detailed records of their work and they are crafting online lessons, holding virtual hangouts, having meetings during office hours, calling students directly to check in, learning new technologies, meeting with me, collaborating with their teammates, and taking care of their own families. They also have office hours daily where they can be reached for immediate feedback. Some teachers have created appointment slots during their office hours for individual families.

I’m worried about screen time. What should I do?

Since all of our flexible learning is optional, please decide as a parent how much you would like for your child to engage online. We respect that families have differing views on screen time. Please just make sure to read daily!

What happens during Spring Break?

Our District calendar will still be observed, so while teachers may wish to reach out during Spring Break, they are not obligated to. This will be their time to spend with their families and take care of themselves.

Is the District still distributing food and Chromebooks?

Today was the last day to sign up in person for a Chromebook. Those will be distributed Friday. District personnel are on our campus distributing meals on weekdays from 11:30 until 1:00 and will continue throughout school closure. Each meal contains one lunch and one breakfast.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page to stay in touch and learn more about what virtual learning looks like at Mistral! Some schools will be participating in a Virtual Spirit Week. Mistral staff is working on this and will update you soon on how we’d like to do it!

Please continue consulting the District website for the latest information regarding our time away from school. Take care!


Principal Miller

High Fives!

  • A mother tells us: "I am very grateful to all the District staff, School, Principal ... for everything that is being done in our school and community, and I have been very pleased that my son's teachers have contacted us offering us all the supports, my son very happy to be seeing his teachers and classmates, now on screen, I wish the best for everyone in the coming days, greetings"
  • One parent says, "This school closure and the shelter-in-place are difficult for everyone. I want to thank the 4th grade team for being so quick to give their classes a plan for time out of school and provide detailed guidelines for both your students and parents. Thank you! "