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February 5, 2016

Our mission is to create a culture of intellectual curiosity where all students have ownership over their learning and are inspired to think, innovate, and create.

News and Notes

Hey Parents-Happy Valentine's Day! Our celebration time is Friday, February 12th at 1:20-2:05. I will send an email with a list of names of the learners in our family should you want to let your child participate in a valentine swap. I encourage you to let your child write the names. This is a great opportunity for an authentic need for writing. While doing this with your child, consider encouraging him/her to only capitalize the first letter of names and write the remaining letters lowercase. In addition to passing out valentines, we will be enjoying a frozen yogurt bar and a game on the day of our celebration. Mrs. Ingram has volunteered to come on Tuesday to do a special keepsake with the learners as well. In the What's Coming Up section of the newsletter is a link to a Sign Up Genius for a list of needed supplies for our celebration. Also, in this section is a list of dress up days for the PRS Random Act of Kindness Kickoff sponsored by community 8. Thank you for all you continue to do to make our days at PRS a success.

Ball Project Update

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Thank you Olivia's dad for being our bowling ball expert! Parents, the video is long, but it is so worth watching. I do not have words to express what an amazing time this was for the learners. Mr. Henry got a bowling ball and cut it open so the learners could see the inside. He demonstrated the strength of the bowling ball and even did our sink/float experiment.
The Bowling Ball

Think + Innovate + Create = Stay Tuned!

All ball groups are at different phases in their project work. We are excited about our soccer ball expert coming on Wednesday!

Yes We have a playground!

The kids love our new playground! Parents I was sick the majority of this week and did not do a good job getting pictures of our time enjoying the playground. I will take more pictures next week and include in the newsletter.

Learning Areas Support Project Learning and Provide Practice for Standards

Does A Slinky Bounce?

A Slinky? In the Ball Pump Station?

At the beginning of our ball project, the learners questioned if a slinky bounced. Ms. Clark provided an amazing investigation opportunity during our morning meeting. After the mini lesson, the slinky was placed in the ball pump station bin for the learners to continue exploring bounce. We have mastered the ball pump needle but a slinky has us embracing failure again. It lasted one day in the ball sensory area before it was too stretched to work with. We will put another slinky back in the bin for the learners to further investigate and construct their own knowledge as they answer their question.

Block Area

This learner made his first ramp during center time this week. He even added a bell at the end for a stop. He was so excited that he asked if he could go get another Lead Learner to come and see it. Before I knew it he had gone and gathered every K Lead Learner to come see what he had accomplished. I work with an amazing group of peers. They each dropped what they were doing in their own room and came to celebrate with this learner.

Magnet Center

Moving the magnets to the large white board brought new life to this center during our learning area time. This is a great way for learners to authentically practice their increasing command over our phonemic system.

What's Coming up?

Group Picture Link Coming Soon

Sneak Peek at a really cute picture! Parents a link will be sent for you to view the group picture and make ordering arrangements.
Feb 8th-12th We will begin the writing genre, Informational Text. I am very excited about this. It actually goes right along with our project books we are working on as well. Below is a few of the mentor text we will be using as we learn form other authors. Some key points from this learning will be to not put in our opinions, to only write facts.
Focus Standards for this week: We have spent some time exploring flat and 3D shapes standard C.C.K.G. 3. Our ball project has been great authentic work with the 3D shape of sphere. During small group this week I will be doing an intentional look at counting skills standard C.K.CC.4a. I will be adding a sight word game to center time to help us with our High Frequency word recognition RF.K.3c. Several learners on their own have started using magnets on the large white board to build CVC. This has brought new life to magnets. I am going to encourage this as I move around during learning time and begin adding documentation to this standard.

****FreshGrade Update****

*Parents I have added resources in FreshGrade for the standards I listed that we will be working on this week. Click on the standard and then "show" for the resources. I have included them here as well since this is something I have not been doing. My desire is for the resources to be there to help you either provide support to move your child toward their next level wether that be mastery or beyond. Also in resources may be a single picture of an activity that would apply to all children to further support the standard. I will be more intentional about this as I add evidence to your child's portfolio. There has been an upgrade to the way FreshGrade looks. I have included a snap shot of a memo explaining the new information.

High Frequency Game Ideas and Song:

Flat/3D Shapes:


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To gear up for National Random Acts of Kindness Day which is celebrated February 17th, our community 8 Respect Diversity Project Group is sponsoring a PRS Random Acts of Kindness Spirit Week next week, February 8th - 12th. We hope you will join us by spreading kindness throughout the Pike Road community!

K- Kickoff Random Acts of Kindness Week MONDAY

(Showing support for your favorite sports team.)

I- Inspire someone to by kind TUESDAY

(Dress as your favorite superhero and inspire others to be Kindness Superheroes.)

N- Neon bright WEDNESDAY

(Make the world a bright place by sharing kindness.)

D- Dive into kindness THURSDAY

(Dress in your favorite tropical wear or sea life as we dive into kindness.)

Friendly FRIDAY Twins Day

(Pair up with a friend and dress alike.)

Please be sure that you stay within our dress code guidelines throughout the week.

  • Feb. 10th and 11th - Our soccer ball expert Mr. Stinson will be joining us.
  • February 12th: PTSA Classic Cookie Fundraiser Due
  • February 25th at 6:00 P.M.: PTSA General Membership Meeting/Multicultural Event (PRS Cafeteria)
Parents- Please read the flyer below. I completely forgot to place in book bags today. I put the entire stack in my book bag instead. I will send home on Monday.
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High Frequency Words.

This is an ongoing standard. The words accumulate. Consider looking at the link for ideas of ways to work with High Frequency words during the two week break. We will begin a new set of words when we return in January.

Already introduced: a, am, can, go, I, me, my, play, the, to, you, and,

blue, for, went, is, it in, little, red, yellow, look

Words Currently Working On:

-big, help, come, make, not, one, two, three, we, see, said

Words remaining:

-where, jump, they, what, up, down, here, he, she, have, like

Scholastic Book Order

Parents we will be using online ordering for Scholastic Book Orders for all future orders. Book orders for February are due by February 26th.


Class Activation Code: PC3NF

Scholastic Reading Club Link

Link to Scholastic Reading Club Link

Below is the link to the pre-approved absence form.