Hells Angles Motorcycle Club

By: Jack Christie and Geoff Shunway


This criminal organization was founded on March 17, 1948. It was founded in Fontana, California. Due to there being a military surplus this made motorcycles very affordable. Many veterans had grown bored in the post war years causing them to have a major itch for adventure. This motorcycle club got its name from a popular name for bomber squadrons that were used during WWI and WWII. This Motorcycle club remained in California until the 60's.

The Hells Angles Motorcycle Club remained in California until 1961. The first branch of the criminal organization to open out side of California was in Auckland, New Zealand. The motorcycle club continued to expand in most of the states in the U.S.A. They also opened up branches in around 30 other countries. Something that helped its growth was pop culture and creation of the organization iconic image was pop culture. One movie in specific was the 1954 Marlon Brando film The Wild One. The clubs preferred form of transportation is a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. The Hells Angle Motorcycle club is a massive organization today.

History Of The Leader

There is not one specific person credited with creating the Hells Angles Motorcycle Club but a family. This family is The Bishop family. They were immigrants that came into the country following WWII. They recruited many members from another motorcycle gang that was located near by The Pissed Off Bastards. But the early history of The Hells Angles Motorcycle club is not very well know so some people believe that the motorcycle club was founded by a man of the name of Rocky Graves. He was said to have combined all the branches of the motorcycle club into one big club instead of a bunch of little ones. Due to the lack of record keeping we can not be completely sure on who created it but we do know the two main candidates.
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