Activating Transformative Leaders in Communities & Cities

Q Commons Sacramento

Thursday October 26 saw over 25,000 leaders gather in 150 locations nationally and globally. In Sacramento, over 200 leaders gathered at the Sacramento State Harper Alumni Center to hear from national and local speakers on the theme of Healing Our Divided Nation. Brett McCracken's clear message on cutting through the fake news noise using the "wisdom pyramid" set up an interview with local journalist and teacher Karl Grubaugh. Link2Lift founder Sheri Lozano closed the night with a talk on collaboration as the focus shifted to how we could "advance good", Nationally, you can join the "Up to Us" pledge which is a commitment to lead a better conversation in your here and now situation.

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Q Commons Meet Ups

Come join us for a Q Commons meet up to discuss topics, take aways, questions or applications from your participation in Q Commons Sacramento. Registration is limited to 20, so come expecting to get in great conversation with others who are committed to staying curious, thinking well and advancing good. Didn't make it to Q Commons? Come and listen in and learn. We'll meet at Insight Coffee Roasters - 1615 16th Street, Sacramento. All are from 4:30-5:45pm.

Register here: November 3rd, November 9th, November 14th

Join The Team

Q Commons is planned by the ACTS Group's Convergence team. The team will meet the week of November 12 for a debrief and the week of December 3 for the first planning meeting for Q Commons 2018. Are you interested in helping Convergence build and connect gospel centered leaders? We are seeking individuals to help with curation, advocacy and event planning. If you are interested, please let us know by emailing at

Your Dollars Build Leadership Infrastructure

Brian Dowd, National Director of Coaches for The Master's Program, shared a great exhortation at the end of Q Commons about the important role of infrastructure in our every day lives - providing pathways, services and power necessary for the activities of our lives. He compared infrastructure to certain organizations like the ACTS Group that provide the things that are necessary for the activities of gospel ministry to take place in our communities and cities. As we enter the last two months of the year, the ACTS Group has a goal of raising the $80,000 operational budget for 2018 through one time financial gifts or monthly commitments. It will take many yeses to reach the goal. Be a "yes" by giving HERE, or to learn more email

Sponsors Make an Impact

Q Commons and Convergence benefit from the support of sponsors. Three key educational institutions have been engaged and supportive of leader linking events in the region like Q Commons Sacramento. We want to say THANK YOU!