Ben Franklin

The Inventor of the lightning rod

Early life

Ben was born January ,17 ,1706 in Boston Massachusetes. He was one of his fathers 17 children. When he grew up in 1724 he became a printer in england. in 1748 he married Deborah reed. in 1749 they had one boy named William and a daughter named fransis (who died of small pox 2 months later)
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He invented the lightning rod, helped found the U.S, and helped draft the Declaration Of Independence. Ben helped our society by making the lightning rod by using metal and a kite so that lightning does not strike the buildings and destroy them.

Important events

  • 1706 birth
  • 1724 became printer
  • 1748 married Deborah reed
  • 1752 created lightnig rod
  • 1776 helped draft the Declaration Of Independence
  • 1787 went to constitutional conference
  • 1790 died

Fun Facts

  1. Ben Franklin was not trusted to write the declaration of independence because people feared he would put a joke in it
  2. he was his fathers 15th child out of 17
  3. Ben never finshed his auto biography


Because of Benjamin Franklin I learned to never give up and be brilliant.