Chapter 14: Medieval Japan

Samurais and Shoguns, and Social Levels

Samurai and shoguns


Samurai are part of a private armies that serve under his shoguns.

!Incredibly talented warrior!

They agree to fight for the shogun,and receive their own land for his family in return.

Fought on horseback with swords ( katana ), daggers, and bow and arrows.

They live by the code call Bushido, or "the way of warriors".

Pledged to their codes and would die rather than betray his master.


Shogun are a person that has the power their own government and army.

Control over the emperor military forces.

They are chosen by the emperor and do all the things a king would.

First shogun, Yoritomo Minomoto, was rewarded to this level because he defeat the Emperor biggest foe, The Tojar family.

Social levels

Social level change each period. Since, each period favor a unique type of job.

Emperor has to do nothing, except eat, sleep, and do simple desicions. Shoguns handle the hard works.

Men are mostly hard working farmer. Women are limited to work.

They either do house wives or job that has nothing to do with political and government.

By Gum San Aung