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Hicksville Middle School

Fossil Park Field Trip: Thursday, May 5, 2016

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Soon these egg cartons will be filled with fossils from our field trip! I encourage you to ask your student about this experience, as we have been learning about Ohio's geologic history and the types of fossils they can expect to find. You might just be surprised what kinds of fossils they will be bringing home!
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Fossil Park Field Trip Information

Departure Time from Hicksville: 9:30AM

Lunch Stop: 11:00AM

Olander Park

6930 Sylvania Avenue

Sylvania, Ohio

*Please remember that your student will need a packed lunch on Thursday that does not need refrigerated. Reusable lunch bags, ice packs, and water bottles are all acceptable, as these may be stored on the bus during our dig.

Fossil Park Digs: Group 1: 12:00-12:45PM; Group 2: 12:45-1:30PM

5675 Centennial Road

Sylvania, Ohio

*Students should dress appropriately for the weather, as we will be outside for much of the day. Extra layers may be left on the bus, as needed.

Estimated Return to Hicksville:

Group 1: 2:15PM

Group 2: 3:00PM

*All students requiring a bus home have been placed in Group 1. Thanks so much for your understanding of potential traffic delays.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am looking forward to our first field trip and hope that your student will enjoy this fossil hunting experience.

Grades for this week?

  1. Google Classroom Questions #3: On Tuesday (5/3), students will respond to a question posed on Google Classroom relating to their upcoming field trip. This response is due by 8:00AM on Wednesday (5/4).
  2. Fossil Collection Data: On Friday (5/6), students will begin cleaning their collected fossils. A project grade will be recorded next week for those fossils cleaned, sketched, and identified in student notebooks.
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