RBWM redefining social care

OBC Workshop 16th May

RBWM interactive workshop

We are holding a workshop with a number of key people within the Royal Borough to address some of the challenges in implementing outcome based commissioning via an interactive, simulation exercise

Thursday, May 16th 2013 at 9:30am-2:30pm

Moor Hall Conference Centre, Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Maidenhead, West Berkshire


09h30 Opening & purpose
09h45 Promise to Cabinet
10h00 Definitions and glossary
10h20 Simulation begins - Smallborough

12h30 Consensus and disagreement

13h00 Quo vadis: required information, pilot, consultation

14h15 Wrap-up

14h30 Conference ends

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The Royal Borough strives to meet the demands of shrinking budgets and increasing demand while maintaining or even increasing user satisfaction. An ongoing initiative has been one of assessing innovative methods of delivering care to the citizens of the borough. One of the most exciting ideas is that of commissioning for outcomes which is aimed at increasing the independence of our vulnerable people and doing so in a way that moves us away from a time and task approach.
In this workshop, we will tap into our skills, knowledge and experience by way of a simulation, allowing us to identify and grapple with the challenges that such a transformational approach must bring.