Why dad should let her get a kitten

The Mean Kitty Song
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First Off....

First off I have been waiting for SO long to get a cat witch shows that I REALLY want one, and that I will take care of it. Plus, I have been really good and my room is always clean and im always nice to mom and almost never give her a hard time.

Everybody Wants to be a cat

A kitten would help us move.

You may ask " How would a kitten help us move?" Well as you know Emmie and I have had a really hard time registering that we have to move. But, having a kitten would be something to look forward to doing witch would help motivate me and Emmie witch would put both of us in a better mood.
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There are to many abandoned kittens.

In the world there are thousands of kittens and cats that are abandoned, abused, and neglected. I know we cant save the world but just saving one and giving it a good home makes a big difference.
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Sad piano (this will make you cry) by Michael Ortega