Veronica Roth's Chicago

Where Cliques Mean So Much More

"One Choice Can Transform You!"

Are you 16? Have you taken your aptitude test?
Ultimately the choice is yours!
Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, or Erudite?
Will you choose to leave your family or stay?
With so many choices,
why would you live anywhere else?
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Abegation: The Selfless "I choose to turn away from my relfection."


The appeal here lies in catering to those who
  • are concerned with others
  • find fulfillment in meeting all the various needs of others
  • take joy in battling selfishness
  • are standoffish, quiet, and kind

Amnity: The Peaceful "Forgiveness, Self-Sufficiency, Trust, Kindness, Involvement"


You will fit right in here if you find yourself tending
  • to be peaceful
  • to appreciate music and the arts
  • you are against aggression and hostility
  • you are indecisive, easy going, and friendly

Candor: The Honest "Truth Makes Us Inextricable"


Candor can be the only place for you if you are the one who
  • Is honest with everyone
  • Can't be easily offended
  • Prefers to hear the truth
  • Is called insensitive but also trustworthy and completely confident

Dauntless: The Brave "We Believe in freedom from fear, in denying fear the power to influence our decisions"


We dare you to take your place in Dauntless if you
  • Love a good adrenaline rush
  • Never let others tell you what to do
  • Do what is right, regardless
  • Are called abrasive but are also bold and strong

Erudite: The Intelligent "Intelligence is a gift, not a right"


Erudite will be your place if you know
  • You love learning and discovering
  • You make decisions the only way one should: logically
  • You believe in the education of everyone
  • You are called condescending but you are really intelligent and insightful

With this much choice, what could limit you?

Technical Writing

This project is meant to be persuasive and satirical.
Premise based on Veronica Roth's novel Divergent