Hopes and Dreams + a Fear :D

Cece Adams 1B 2-5-26


Just like any girl, i want to have kids, get married, study and fulfill my dream of being a veterinary surgeon and i picture my dream wedding but i really just want to be happy. i want breaks ups to happen, get stuck in the pouring rain, and hang out with my best friends in front of a fire with hot cocoa because that's realistic and i know it'll come true.

My educational dream

As for education, that's a big part of my dream. i wish to attend the University of Redlands or the University of North Carolina, as both schools have already taken an interest in me, and be a double major in Biology/Bio-chemistry and animal studies and minor in business then after 4 years go onto veterinary school where i hope to graduate with honors and move to Brighton, England.

Role Models and things i want to do i guess???


GOALS?????? **gasp**

i want to be remembered. i want to make a difference for people and hopefully for the better. I want to be the woman my husband always dreamed for. i want to be an awesome mother. i want to live happily in my house with pets and kids and my husband and not have to worry about anything. my goal, honestly, it to be happy, but i'd have to work on being less of a sarcastic procrastinating smartass

But having a huge mansion, range rover, and Kylie jenner's closet wouldn't hurt either

Fears????? **DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN**

Everyone has fears, and although i am PETRIFIED OF SPIDERS and cry at the sight of them, i'm terrified of people viewing me the same way i view myself. i'm very insecure and i font think people notice that often, but i don't want them one day to suddenly think of all the things that make me quirky and then dislike them. those few things they like about me they sudden dislike for no reason. that's my fear, to be seen the same way i see myself from those who matter.