Mixed Economy

By: Sara Lindero and Jaime Blanco

Mixed Economy

The benefits of a mixed economy is that because all of the big influential markets are government controlled, the federal government can decide prices and rates that better suit the buyers and what is most reasonable for the people. Mixed economy also creates income equality.

Facts of Mixed Economy

What a Mixed Economy means that part of the economy is left to the free market & part of it"s run by the government. However, the government does intervene in certain areas of the economy for regulations and the money spent on public services. For example Health Care & Sanitation. Large businesses such as oil and electricity are owned by the government, while small businesses like restaurants are publicly owned. In mixed economy, people who work for the government get paid by them, and people who own their own businesses, get paid from what they earn in their business. Businesses who are run by the government buy and sell thing with the money from the government and sell things with different countries, while small businesses buy and sell on their own.
Mixed Economy

In Reality

Some people argue that a mixed economy doesn't allow for individuals to increase their own prosperity and it confines them to a certain earning bracket, but in reality, within a mixed economy, all members can prosper enough to be able to live sustainability.

Mixed Economy is the way to go!

The mixed economy is a system that promotes equality and erases the class differences that affect free enterprise so negatively and so deeply all while providing for the well being of all members of the society.