Chemical Cycles caused by Us

Human Interactions can Influence Chemical Cycles

Eutrophic in Mersin Bay, Turkey

The Mersin Bay is a wide and shallow basin in the NE Mediterranean Sea. The bay is isolated and gets very little exchange with open sea waters. The nearshore waters of the bay receive nutrient rich riverine input with direct discharges of untreated municipal waste from the city of Mersin. In 2005 the elevated levels brought organic matter, nutrients, fecal coliform ,and chlorophyll. Secchl disc depth was consitently less than 3.0 meters and no mesure of oxygen deficiency in the bottom waters.

Hypoxic in Izmit Bay, Turkey

The Izmit Bay is a heavy polluted basin in Turkey. Hypoxia has been observed since the 1990's which they believe is caused by sewage discharged. Mass mortality has been observed among fish and the sea bottom. Phytoplankton production is two to four times than the black sea
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Improved Hypoxic in Golden Horn Estuary , Turkey

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