Nicole cool


about me

Hi my name is Nicole.I am sixteen years old. I have three bothers, I have twelwe sconce and ten aunts and unles. Right now feel good becuase it has been year since my aunt past away. I have on little scone that is two years old we have together I see her at church and I come to the house. Me and my bother have hard resonship beacuase we arugu a lot every day. I have a great life with my family


it becuase my english teacher want us to do it. It beacuse my teacher want to improve are copress. it will benefite us in the furture beacuse we will have jobs in life and it will help on resume and it will help in life.

6 word memoir

my dad works at dupout everday

sun/shadow sentence

lia is like a tree strong and trying to fight

dad is like a rock strong for his daugter

favorite quote/response

wilson mizer once said be nice to poeple on your way up becuase you'll will met them on the way down this that you should be nice to people on way to your goals beacuse you might them on your way down

reflection of persuasive essay

my strenghts is work with kids, I love to play with the childeren, teaching them there ABC'S and there number. my weaknesses in my temper becuase I lose my temper a lot with my bother. What like abou this assignment is the you get to chosse the way you want things. What I dislike about this about this assignment is all the tpying that I have to do. What I would change the way it is set up