Career/Job Change Process

How to Change Your Job or Career! by Tristan Collins

There are Many Steps to This Process, These Are:

1. Assess What you Like or Dislike about your Current Job/Career!

  • If you like certain aspects about your job, you will most likely want to keep those aspects in the next job or career you get, so look for them based on that.
  • If you disliked certain aspects, be sure to stay away from certain jobs and careers that include those.

2. Research!

  • Once you've figured out what you like in a job/career, it's time to go search!
  • Look around the internet and search for jobs that mold around your interests and what you like.
  • You can decide how much research you do, but I would advise you do a lot so that you don't miss something or get stuck with another job/career you don't like!

3. Educate Yourself!

  • You need to know a little, or a lot in some cases, about the new area you want to go in. You can go to school or conduct your own education about how the workplace and job work.
  • If you already have skills in a certain field, that will greatly help!

4. Be Patient!

  • Job hunting can be quick and easy, or it can be hard and difficult, it all depends on your outlook.
  • If you take the research, education, and searching slowly it will probably turn out better for you in the end. You won't be as stressed about hurrying and finding a job, and you will be less likely to make a mistake or overlook something.
  • Your job is very important, and so you should take your time and treat it importantly.

Tip: Find a Mentor if applicable to your job/career, they can teach you the in's and out's and some tricks of the trade and help you get a head start in the field!

Tip: Find other people who are looking for the same job as you, or who just got started. They can help you find people in the field, help bounce ideas, and relieve stress from the process of acquiring a new job.

Tip: Be flexible in your job hunting. You will most likely not find a job or career that is a PERFECT FIT for you, but you can always find one that is close enough that it won't really matter.

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