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WHAT A WEEKEND! Hope you got outside and had some time to enjoy that unseasonally (AWESOME) warm weather.

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Honors Lounge is looking for art that capture the strong feelings of nostalgia and wonder conjured by Super Smash Bros.If you are a Smash Bros. fan, make art about video game culture, or are looking to be part of an art show, read further!

Spring 2016
Honors Lounge Art Gallery

Upon starting the game Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube, a player is first treated to an opening cinematic in which an ambiguous child’s hand throws a blank-eyed Mario statue on the ground, before a wave of light transforms the figure into the living, breathing Italian plumber, as he prepares to fight the other heroes of the Nintendo pantheon. The sequence concisely represents the imagination process of a child invested in the game’s world: the child’s brain transforms the avatar, whether it be Mario, Samus, or Link, into the immortal hero an epic tale, like Hercules. Just as previous generations of comic book fans brought the superheroes to mythic status, the young children who played Smash Bros. became invested in a mythology of video game icons.

SMASH-halla is an exhibit which presents works in multiple mediums to emphasize the impact that Super Smash Bros. has had on a generation. The exhibit examines how enthusiastic fans process these mythic characters of commercial electronic games and turn them into more than just pixels. At its heart, the exhibit is a case study for the creative power of the game-to-fan interaction.

Please contact Kevin Shirley (tue64627@temple.edu) with questions about the show. If you would like to participate (and we hope that you do), please send a JPEG of your work to Kevin by DECEMBER 28th.

Professional Development & Employment Opportunities

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Build your portfolio, gain valuable experience, and be a part of the Honors community. If you're interested, please email sethfinck@temple.edu and let us know.

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Hi! We need folks to help run our social media. If you're a twitter/facebook/instagram genius, please write sethfinck@temple.edu and let him know. We need some help for next semester.


Campus Job in Cool Office

Work in the Vice Provost's office! Their Ideal student would be able to work Tuesday & Thursday 9:30AM to 2PM, have a work-study award, and be first or second year student with a GPA of above 3.0. If you've taken a freshman seminar, that's a PLUS! If this is you, reply to:

Alexandra Yanovski

Coordinator for Undergraduate Strategic Initiatives, ayanovski@temple.edu