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We discuss the architecture of our mobile system

Framework we used oauthconsumer, which has allowed us to add OAuth support to our client, helping performing communication faster and easier. Development of a mobile mobile recharge online prepaid mobile recharge api application for iPhone that allows access to the Moodle LMS Requirements Analysis In this section we will detail what the requirements are to be met by our application, which divide between functional and nonfunctional requirements... Functional requirements are those that describe what should be the behavior of the software following the interaction of actors with this.

Basis of their mobile recharge api

That is, are the systems functionality. The functional requirements placed our application are• Connect and disconnect the system• Authenticate the user using OAuth• Consult the users resource list• See the details of a resource user• Browse the user forums• Consult a discussion forum user• mobile recharge api Create a new discussion on a forum• View messages in a discussion• See the details of a message in a discussion• Edit a message to a discussion• Reply to a message in a discussion• Check the list of the users calendar events that allows access to the Moodle LMS• View the details of a calendar event• Check the list of user notes• See the detailed user notes• Check the list of participants in a course• View the profile of participants• Consult the list of courses Users• Check the list of user tasks• View the statement of a user task• Make or change a delivery online prepaid mobile recharge of a task type online• View user profile connected• Reload system data synchronizing with the server.. Nonfunctional requirements do not describe functions to be performed, but the qualities specified you should have the system independently of its implementation.

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That is, what are the set conditions that we must meet to perform the functions of the system. These are the nonfunctional requirements to be met by our application should be intuitive and easy to use The design of our application must be adapted to mobile devices, with images of small and large fonts and buttons to make it usable User interaction on the application shall meet the standards for use in Development of a mobile application for iPhone that allows access to the Moodle LMS mobile applications, mobile recharge api responding online prepaid mobile recharge to taps, slips and grips the user just as expected in an application of this nature The application must follow the design and usability standards set by Apple iOS apps The design of the application must be based on the iOS applications using elements common at this, while we will try to save some small similarities with the style of Moodle and other customers Moodbile The application data in memory must be persistent, so that the user You can continue using the application and consulting data despite being without connection The data will load only the first time the user logs into the application, to Unless express request, so that the user does not wait for the load data while browsing the application. The application shall not make an abusive use of phone resources, avoiding Using G mobile phone network except mobile recharge api as directed by the user Development of a mobile application for iPhone that allows access to the Moodle LMS Specification..

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