Events leading up to Civil War

By, Jonah Gordon

Compromise Of 1850

The Compromise of 1850 is about making the north and south happy. This compromise said that slaves could work in the south, but ended the slave trade in Washington D.C. This also gave Texas 10 million dollars to give some of their land to New Mexico. Another thing that this compromise made was the Fugitive Slave Act which made the north give back the slaves that ran away to the slave's owner's. This was major for the war because the north didn't like this act. They thought slavery wasn't fair.

Fugitive Slave Act of 1850

This act made all the slaves that escaped through the Under Ground Railroad to the north get taken back to their owners. This upset the north very much. this act was in the Compromise of 1850. In this act the antislavery advocates gained control of California too.

The Dred Scott Decision of 1857

Dred Scott was a slave that wanted his freedom.A judge said that because he was black, he couldn't have freedom. Scott insisted on freedom and wanted to be like everyone else. This case would turn the attention of many people to see that slavery was wrong.

The Kansas- Nebraska Act of 1854

This act was made by Stephen. A Douglas. This act said that Nebraska and Kansas could be in the union if they were a slave state or not. This upset many people and some rejected to the act. The south went with their slaves and claimed the area.

James Brown Raid of 1859

On October 16th, 1859 James Brown led 21 men to attack a federal arsenal in Virgina. Brown hated slavery. His plan was to take slaves and arm them and lead them into battle. Most of his men got captured or killed though.