Weekly Launch

November 6-10


Thank you for being patient with our longer than usual Character Connection. We figured it would be better to combine the two although I asked for the fundraiser to be 10-15 minutes :0)

Many of you know that Thursday is the beginning of the Nutcracker Market. We cannot call in sick for subs the morning of on those two days. If you are going to be out, you will need to plan ahead and secure a sub. We have had a hard time filling our sub jobs. I hate to split classes but we will have no choice. Today there are 37 jobs that did not fill in the district and I am assuming that is because of the parade.

Grading period for progress reports end on Nov. 10. You should have a minimum of 4-5 grades in the grade book. Please be sure to have grades in the gradebook in a timely manner. Parents want the opportunity to find missing work and need enough time to take care of it. They also want to be aware of their students progress.

Please be sure to share a character idea (by the end of the week) you are using in the classroom on it's learning. This will help support those of you on Leads in achieving the criteria. I see evidence of great things with our character instruction around the building. Snap a pic and upload it to its learning!

I am working on our agenda for Tuesday. Right now we are planning for rotations in the morning, action teams will meet in afternoon and more than likely, time for planning with your teams. We will be providing breakfast and you will have time to go eat for lunch.

Important Dates

November 6-wear college shirt

November 7-Inservice

November 8-Veteran's Day Program-8:20

2nd math collaboration-ESC



November 9-3rd grade field trip Children's museum

1st grade planning day a.m.


Huddle 3:30 Jen Murray's room

November 10-Alpha-5th grade

Jen B. off campus all day

Science fair judging

Progress report grading period ends

Share character idea in it's learning

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Patriotism

Word of the Month-Citizenship

Morning Announcements-Young

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Word of the Week-suggest


To Mallory Davis: She helped keep the classes in routine while I was away-Kelly Wagner