Pre-K Small Group Instruction

Learning Disguised as Play and I-Station Lessons

Learning Disguised as Play

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Where are you in the process?

Please choose 1 and respond to one or all of the questions.

1) Yes, I've gotten started with Learning Disguised as Play.

  • What's going well?
  • What are some questions or concerns you have?

2) No, I haven't gotten started with Learning Disguised as Play.

  • What are your hesitations?
  • What are some roadblocks you are having?
  • What worries you?

How we got started...

Talk to your prinicpal...

  • Check with your principal and they can approve you for funds.
  • Your secretary can put in a PO order with warehouse.
  • You can pickup the district credit card at the warehouse.
  • Go shopping and return the card.

Getting the materials...

We took a trip to WalMart with these materials in mind and ended up getting tons of random things to create games and activities...

  • leap frog phonics machine (2 in english and 2 in spanish)
  • containers to keep all of the activities
  • plastic cups
  • clear cups
  • ping pong balls
  • tongs
  • small glasses
  • tray for right hand left hand
  • much much more...
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Weekly Schedule

Just an option/idea...

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Sequence of Letters

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Progress Monitoring

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What the teachers are saying...

"The majority of my students have mastered their letters and sounds by mid-year so we are able to move on and start practicing beginning reading skills and other skills that I usually haven't been able to get to until March/April."

"I love all of the different skills that are incorporated in learning through play such as fine motor, movement, and letter knowledge."

"Monitoring progress using the posters has increases student motivation and helped the teachers and parents to be more aware of where there students are."

"My students have made more progress this year than in any other year I have been teaching."

"My kids LOVE singing the song. It gets stuck in their heads and the repetition is what helps the students retain the information."

Learning Disguised as Play in Action

Pre-K Learning Disguised as Play

After watching the videos...

  • What did you notice?
  • Anything surprise you?
  • Thoughts/Questions?

Small Group plan for the aides...

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Where to find and how to use I-Station Lessons...

  • How to use the reports to look at the data
  • Where to find lessons based on students needs
  • Look at I-Station lessons and discuss


Thinking about everything we discussed today...

  • How are you feeling about everything you heard?
  • Do you still have any questions about anything you heard?
  • What are you thinking is the next step for you?
  • What are some things you plan on implementing or trying in your classroom?