Español I Unidad I Lección 5 Day 1

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Los Infinitvos

"Infinitivos" are Spanish verb infinitives and most often translate as "to do something".
Example: bailar = to dance.

You will recognize an infinitive because the verb will end in either -ar, -er, or -ir. These are the three major verb groups in Spanish.

Here is a list of the verbs from this week's vocabulary categorized appropriately.

  • escuchar música - to listen to music
  • usar la computadora - to use the computer
  • pasar tiempo con amigos - to spend time with friends
  • practicar deportes - to practice/ play sports
  • jugar videojuegos - to play video games
  • hablar - to talk
  • trabajar - to work
  • navegar la red - to surf the internet

  • hacer - to do
  • comer - to eat
  • ver la tele - to watch tv

  • ir a la escuela - to go to school
  • ir de compras - to go shopping
  • dormir - to sleep

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Spanish I List of Assignments - Suggestion

I suggest that each of you print a copy of the Spanish I Assignments and use it as a to-do list that you can check off as you complete each week's assignments.

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