Mrs. Washington's October


Getting to know Mrs. Washington

I'm a recent graduate of the University of Houston. I enjoy creating a variety of ways to help children learn and remember material. I will be teaching Kindergarten and I am very excited to be part of your child's education.

Parents Please Read

Hello Parents:

I would like to make you aware that we have started on our mathematics curriculum and have begun using the “Shape” game on the following website: . This game has helped your child visually identify the shapes we have been going over in class. The game announces to your child what shape to look for and your child searches the picture and clicks on the correct shape. If your child chooses the incorrect shape it will notify them that they are incorrect and will then repeat the shape name that should be found. Once your child chooses the correct shape, a point is awarded to the child and the next shape name is announced. Once all shapes are correctly identified your child can proceed to the next level continuing to find the correct shapes. Feel free to view the website to see what your child is enjoying. I have chosen this site because the games help the children remember the topics we have covered along with helping the children become familiar with technology. The children are truly enjoying the graphics and sounds of the website and I hope you enjoy seeing what the kids are doing in class. Thank you for your time.

Mrs. Washington

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School Policies

Just would like to remind you that all students should be wearing uniforms on a daily basis. Jeans are only to be worn on Fridays. Students should also bring a note from the doctor or parent when absent.

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Field Trip Day

Hello Parents,

We have a field trip planned for October 30, 2015. We will be taking the children to a pumpkin patch named Dewberry Farms. The field trip form will be sent out on October 15, 2015 along with a form for those you who would like to be chaperon. All forms must be turned in no later than October 22, 2015.

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If you there is any concerns or questions.

If you would like to meet in person please email me and I will be glad to tell you the days and times I am available. Please feel free to contact me by email:

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