All About ME

By: Brennen Fischer

“It ain't over 'til it's over.”- Yogi Berra

-Favorite foods. Chicken Alfredo pasta, Sushi, pretty much anything besides tuna i hate tuna.

-Music- Favorite genre is country

-My favorite place to visit was the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown New York

-Baseball is my life, snowboarding, watching movies, six flags, Playing golf

- I have lived in Frisco my Entire life

- Favorite entertainer is Daniel Tosh or Criss Angels

MLB Baseball Best Plays (2013 Season Teaser)


I would like to attend a Division one NCAA baseball college in Texas and play there all 4 years on scholarship. After i graduate like most ball players i would like to get drafted into the MLB and maybe work my way up throughout the minor leagues but realistically i would like to get a degree in business and manage my own company. i would want to play in the MLB because that is just the dream of every baseball player why wouldn't i want to reach as high as i could go? Owning my own business gives me the financial support and freedom to raise a healthy family with plenty of money.

Mason Fischer-18

My only sibling my big brother means the world to me. he works at finish line in the mall and he is a sophomore at UNT and he also plays Lax. He currently lives in the dorms at UNT but is moving into a apartment next year. Over the summer he will live with my mom and my step dad and two step sisters.

Marcy Fischer-46

  • I currently live with my mom she is a 2nd grade teacher, but she is also engaged and getting married this summer so i am about to have a step dad and two step sisters age 5 and 7. we are currently building a house that will be done by the end of June. My mom enjoys going to the beach going to movies or anything that is outside. I have to admit i am a mommas boy.

Things about my life

- I play select baseball for the Dallas Mets, this summer we will be traveling all over from Atlanta to Florida, Washington ect.)

- My best friends name is Austin Hedgepeth

- I received an All-district award both freshman and sophomore year for varsity soccer

-I currently play baseball for Frisco

- I currently work at TSS Photography as an assistant