By: Hazel Info. By: Zara and Hazel

A Lovely Place

Climate,Population and Capital City

  • The climate is tropical, hot and humid
  • Average temperature all year is 27 Degrees C. except for the Mountains, Mountains are cooler
  • 2 seasons, Dry and Rainy seasons, May-September is dry and November-March is rainy
  • The Population in Malaysia was 26,628,392 on April the 10th
Capital City

  • K.L. (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Petronas Towers is the Main Attraction

System of Government

System of Government

  • Constitutional Monarchy (there are counsels for local areas)
  • The monarchy does not rule the country
  • Malaysia has a Parliment and a Prime Minister


  • Malaysia is a peninsula
  • 123,317 sq miles
  • Borneo is part of East Malaysia
  • East Malaysia is 400 miles
  • Mountain Range Banjaran Titiwangsa N-S it's length is more than half of the peninsula
  • Many small Islands off the Peninsula
  • The biggest Mountain is Mount. Kina Balu
  • Area is 329,847

Crops and Agriculture

  • East Malaysia is dependent on fishing,hunting and farming
  • Rice is eaten at breakfast,lunch and dinner- very important food source
  • Many tropical fruits like bananas,mangoes,durian,watermelon etc.

Natural Resources

  • Tin was once a resource commonly found in Malaysia
  • Oil is found in Malaysia
  • Rubber is an important industry


  • Coordinates are 2 30 N, 112 30 E
  • Languages: Malay (Bahasa) and Cantonese
  • Main Religions: Islam (Muslim) and Buddhism
  • Currency:Ringgit (RM)